Immerse yourself in a Culinary journey through
the Cuisines of the world with us!

A family restaurant where home cooking rules. Natalie and Richard cook and invite you for dinner or brunch. A variety of dishes from all over the world and an invitingly cozy atmosphere are guaranteed. After brunch, guests can enjoy the beautiful nature of Lake Lungern or choose one of the local hiking routes and play the hosts' favorite board game, Azul, after dinner.

The restaurant is located directly opposite the Kaiserstuhl train station, so you can travel by train or drive your own car.


Hello from Natalie and Richard! We are a couple from Kiev, Ukraine. We have known each other for 30 years. Richard once came to Ukraine from Poland to work and stayed...

We are very different, but at the same time very similar.

Natalie was born in Ukraine and Richard in Poland; Natalie is more of an ideas person and quick-witted; Richard is thoughtful and level-headed; Natalie likes it rather cool and fresh while Richard is bright and warm; Natalie likes to start new things and Richard finishes old ones...

Richard is a psychotherapist and an expert in couple relationships with over 20 years of experience working with clients from different countries and in different languages.

Natalie is a business consultant, health coach and nutritionist. She offers consulting services for business startups, business transformation, self-development, beauty, health and resourcefulness using the Human Design Method.

Мужчина в синем свитере с чашкой в руках. Ричард Тулей
Женщина в красной пижаме с длинными волосами. Наталья Соколикова
Мужчина и женщина улбаются

One thing we have definitely in common is cooking together.
Yes, we both love cooking, trying different dishes in the company of nice people who mostly speak different languages.

We are experienced travellers who have visited 46 countries and are willing to share our travel experiences and culinary preferences with you. We can teach you the secrets of cooking and dessert if you have a passion for cooking or have questions about healthy living.

We offer vegetarian, vegan, Ayurvedic, Mediterranean and international cuisine - Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Israeli, Turkish, Uzbek, Moroccan, Georgian, etc.

We combine West and East in a delicious and appetising way; we like eclecticism and a light, pleasant aftertaste after eating. We bake our own traditional breads from different countries and prepare well-known pastries and desserts.


A new culinary experience, rich flavours, compact serving, beautiful presentation, unforgettable taste sensations and light music.

Get to know different cuisines and enjoy each dish

in a pleasant atmosphere.

*The number of seats is limited

Culinary and Communication Space 27th Sky
Guests pay for their visit at Donation
Dinner every Saturday at 18:30
Brunch every Sunday at 12:00


The menu is updated weekly but you can contact us to find out what is on the menu that week, make a reservation and discuss your requirements. We are very flexible and can easily prepare a mixture of dishes from several menus. Most dinner and brunch dishes are prepared under the knife and in your presence.

*If you are interested in another time, please contact us to arrange an individual appointment.


Would you like to learn how to prepare delicious and healthy dishes, or would you like to bake fluffy biscuits, focaccia, eclairs or delicious biscuits?

We invite you to participate in individual or small group workshops for a variety of dishes and the preparation of desserts. The workshops take place in our kitchen or at your home.

Special food for special people on the 27th Sky

Kutabs, Kichari, Chkmeruli, Shakshuka, Palyanytsia, Focaccia, Merjimek Chorbasi, Borscht, Ajapsandal, Pilau, Olivier, Fondant, Eclairs, Crème Brulee, Pavlova, Madeleine cake and much more...

What would YOU like to try?

Кулинарное & коммуникационное пространство
27th Sky
Brünigstrasse 230
6078 Bürglen, OW

Bookings and questions

Please, notice that advanced booking and menu approval are required!
Please contact us by phone or email

+ 41 79 232 23 46
+ 41 79 232 23 46
Brünigstrasse 230
6078 Bürglen, OW