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and I am about inspiration, renewal and opportunities.
Former top manager, entrepreneur for over 12 years, wife and mom of two sons.

I currently have a wide range of consulting practices. I have an MBA degree, also studied at a spiritual school in India.

Being a nutritionist and an expert of the resource state, I adhere to the concept of holistic health.

My name is
Natalie Sokolikova

Why should you develop flexibility in the Body?

Stretching liberates the body and mind, fills the body with unprecedented lightness and allows you to feel like a completely different person. In addition, stretching is flexibility in the body.

And with the flexibility of the body begins the flexibility of the mind, the ability to feel better, you level up your intuition and begin to make more correct decisions.


2 Minutes Stretch Level Test

All exercises are performed without any tension.

It is important for us to assess exactly the current level of your flexibility.

There are 6 exercises in 3 positions in the complex.

*Exercises 4 and 5 must be done by changing arms and legs.

Attention! We perform the exercises as carefully as possible, smoothly, WITHOUT sudden movements and «sports» records :)

Stretching is not only splits but also:
Healthy, mobile joints and spine

Great mood and self-confidence

Smooth effective posture

No muscle cramps or spasms

What will Flexibility give to you?
Stretching exercises support one of the most important indicators of health — the mobility of our joints!
  • Disclosure of femininity and plasticity of movements

    Increasing the flexibility of the legs and stretching improve your  inner confidence and femininity.

  • Health, flexibility and lightness throughout the body

    Stretching is the perfect way to relieve back pain and discomfort after a long day at work. A beautiful and healthy posture without doctors is provided to you.

  • Slim and fit figure

    Thanks to short sessions, you can reduce weight without heavy loads, tighten your body and make the skin on your legs more elastic, and as a result, increase your self-confidence.

  • Reducing stress and improving sleep

    Stretching is meditation, it will bring benefits and inner health. You will be able to reduce stress and improve your mood after the first session.

I am a nutritionist, food therapist, resource lifestyle expert.
I love discovering talents and helping people to start something new in their lives.
Analyst of the system of self-knowledge «Human Design», practicing specialist in Ayurveda, Master of Reiki.
I had an experience as a top manager with some big companies as a Director of Development and an experience of multiplayer of my own projects. I graduated from a Business school and received an MBA degree. 4 years ago I studied at a spiritual school in India.
We have been married for over 20 years with my husband, we raised two sons.
Why am I teaching classes on stretching and holistic practices?
Because working with the body is a very important component of satisfaction in your life.
I select a diet and physical activity practices for my clients individually.

About Me

How do I Work

In my practice, I adhere to the concept of a holistic approach


Free initial consultation and filling out a questionnaire for you to clarify your request


Selection of a group of exercises and techniques that should be emphasized. For example, cardio (running, Nordic walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, etc.) and exercise groups where you need to loosen the clamps. For example, the sternum, cervical, clamps in the pelvis, lower back, etc. I also select exercises to improve the circulation of the lymphatic system


I'm adjusting your diet. Without counting calories, diets and restrictions. I focus on the compatibility of the ingredients on your plate, the number of meals and their amount, food processing options, the use of spices and the presence of whole (non-industrially processed) food on the plate. I actively use the «bowl mode» in my practice, the ancient science of Ayurveda, modern biochemistry and the method of self-knowledge «Human Design»

It is the «Human Design» methodology that offers an individual approach to your best well-being, since it is taken for analysis your individual date of birth

A major role in improving our internal state is played by harmony, which, in turn, is nothing but equilibrium, balance. It is the balance that allows us to improve the quality of our life in general and feel

99 %
The practice of stretching is one of the tools for finding balance, inner lightness and pleasure from life.
Balance Wheel
Family, home
Work, business
Capitalization and integration skills in your life
Professional Development
Cultural and spiritual development
Hobby, creative realization
Beauty, image
Health, sports
Volunteering, helping people
Friends, relationships
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10 minutes of stretching has been proven to reduce depression by boosting mood and joy hormone levels
Natalie Sokolikova

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