Natalie Sokolikova
I am for those who want to take care of themselves, who are tired of getting sick and feel a lack of strength and energy, who want to improve the quality of their lives. My Consultations allow you to take a comprehensive look at a person and offer him not just a set of products or a menu for every day, but to choose an individual key to his health and resource state.

I have an integrated approach to health and resource status and, as a result, improving the quality of life and satisfaction from.

18 years
I cook delicious beautiful food for myself, my family and friends
15 years
System Analyst Human Design
10 years
Ayurvedic Specialist and Reiki Master
6 years
I study Nutricirlogy and Biohacking, I have the education of a Cosmetologist
45 countries
Visiting which gave me an understanding of food culture, relationships and traditions
Experts I have studied with including The Spiritual School in India
Experience in business and entrepreneurship
Advising people on the topic of talents and resource status
Counseling people on nutrition and lifestyle

Individual Consultations

on Nutrition, Health and Resource Status. Conscious and sensitive approach to everyone.

Any problems in life are solvable if you understand what their foundation is.
Symptomatic treatment in emergency cases saves lives, but in the chronic form does not bring sustainable results. A person runs in circles, from doctor to doctor, from diet to diet, from yoga/stretching to mediation or retreat.

There is no one treatment, diet, or workout that works for everyone. There is also no one type of food or activity for life. We are changing, our views, worldview are changing, and then relationships, lifestyle and nutrition. This is the magic of life and its periods!

My approach is very individual and conscious — without fanaticism and self-violence, without unnecessary convictions and self-depletion.

My consultation includes:

  • 1
    Analysis of the preliminary questionnaire, the test for determining Dosha and general blood analysis.
  • 2
    Questions about your current lifestyle: how satisfied are you with what you do and where you work, your quality of relationships, and where you live.
  • 3
    A personalized Human Design reading to address your metabolism and energy levels — what diet, workout and routine is right for you.
  • 4
    Selection of dishes and spices according to the principles of Ayurveda to restore balance in the body, depending on your type of metabolism and season.
  • 5
    Improving your individual menu — the number of meals, their time intervals and drinking regimen.
  • 6
    Recommendations for dietary supplements, adaptogens, fiber and antioxidants to increase energy levels and improve metabolism.
  • 7
    Recommendations for the elimination of inflammatory processes in the body.
  • 8
    Selection of types of physical activity (sports, gymnastics, stretching, etc.) and relaxation techniques (meditation, exercises to improve brain function, concentration) that are right for you to prevent stress and aging.
  • 9
    If necessary, we discuss which specialists to contact and what questions to ask them.
    I personally recommend an endocrinologist and a psychotherapist with whom I sometimes work in tandem.
*The consultation lasts 2-2.5 hours

My consultations do not include diagnosis and prescription of medications.


My principle is constant development and self-improvement. Gaining new knowledge and experience is an important part of my life

Nutrition is a young science, Ayurveda is a very ancient knowledge, and the system of self-knowledge Human design is somewhat mysterious, but this combination allows you to choose the very individual key to each person and his nature

My experience in business, entrepreneurship and people management allows me to ask clients exactly those questions, the answers to which give rise to many insights and insights

And my talent to inspire adorns every one of my consultations

It is very important to learn to listen to yourself and my advice helps.

It's an incredible investment in yourself to your health and quality of life.

Your body will start working in a completely different way!
Telephone: + 41 79 232 23 46